Leveraging NASA technology


54 million Americans suffer from low bone mass (osteopenia and osteoporosis)

1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men over 50 will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture

$19 billion spent per year on the US on osteoporotic fractures

75% of patients discontinue medication use within 12 months due to side effects

The opportunity

A consistent, manageable treatment that prevents osteoporosis.

The solution

Gentle mechanical stimulation that mimics weight-bearing exercise, providing an effective non-drug intervention.

Leveraging NASA technology

Our technologies relies on safe, natural, and effective whole-body vibration technology; using vibrational energy to turn stem cells into bone using the same mechanisms as physical exercise.  WBV was first developed by NASA to combat bone mass loss experienced by astronauts in zero gravity.


A 17-patient study (abstract accepted by Orthopedic Research Society in 2018) showed that BHT treatment induced an acute reduction in bone loss as measured by biomarker NTx (mean: 14%, p<0.001) on par with results for bisphosphonates and weight-bearing exercise.


The Team


Daniel Burnett

MD, MBA Duke, Mayo Clinic, UCSF

Experienced entrepreneur; Founder of 10 startups with >$225M in investments for these companies. Track-record of bringing companies from concept to successful commercial launch.


Michael Jaasma

PhD UC Berkeley

PhD in Orthopedics. Doctoral research on bone cell responses to mechanical stimulation; Former Manager at the FDA, Division of Orthopedic Devices. Over 10 years of medical device R&D experience.

Nikhil Viswanathan

BS Duke

Cross-disciplinary engineer with experience in product design, testing, and manufacturing.


Carin Lindquist

BA UC Santa Barbara

Manager of clinical operations with experience running over 10 clinical trials for several novel medical devices.

Thi Nguyen 

MBS Keck Graduate Institute 


Alex Krajcevska

BA University of South Florida



Shane Mangrum


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician at Polaris Spine in Atlanta, GA; Specialist in nonoperative spine and musculoskeletal care. Dr. Mangrum is also a co-inventor of the OsteoBoost technology.


Gabriel Griego


Sales and marketing guru in physical therapy and sports medicine space.

Previously with PowerBar, Game Ready, and AlterG



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